Also known as N/A
Rembisk God of Darkness

Mythology: Rembis
Gender: Male
God of: Darkness
Good/Evil Rating: Evil
Pronunciation: AH-LAH-DOH
Alternate Names: N/A
Creator: Inferno999

Alado is the god of darkness in Rembisk mythology.

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Tricking TamaraMake Myths

After the compromise between Rasos and Sallem involving the twins, Wariut and Tamara, had happened, Alado figured it would be fun to meddle. During Tamara's time in the Warr, Alado took his staff, Alyum, and dulled it's power. Later, he showed Tamara that his staff glowed dimmer than his brother's. Tamara was angry. Alado said that he could bring darkness into the land when Tamara was watching, so that his would look brighter because of the darkness. Tamara agreed. Alado told Camoros and the Camores to spread the darkness each night. He also told the wolves to howl at Tamara. As the Rembisk people thought the wolves were sacred to the gods, they believed the moon was suddenly very important. Tamara is happy because he gets all the worship, but now the Warra have control during Tamara's watch. Tamara hasn't realised a thing.

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