Also known as Alenna
Rembisk Goddess of Day

Mythology: Rembis
Gender: Female
God of: the Day
Good/Evil Rating: Good
Pronunciation: AH-LEN-AH
Alternate Names: Alenna
Creator: Inferno999

Alena is the Rembisk goddess of day and Summer.

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When the Tatena were born to Sallem and Eola, the became the shifting seasons. Alena became Summer, Mesola Spring, Dulea Winter and Esona Autumn. They lived like this for many years. But, when the god Wariut became guardian of RintasAlena fell hopelessly in love with him. She fell so in love with him, that she left her post and neglected her responsibilities. Soon, there was no Summer in the land of Rembis. When Wariut was kidnapped by the WarrAlena was devastated, but went back to her post. But her love for Wariut was still firm. The Summer would not pass over Tamara's watch. When Wariut was returned, her love blossomed, and Summer was with Rembis again.

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