Aluta is a world that is the team project. Anyone can add to it.

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In the beginning, there only Charos, the Shadow. Taking some of himself, he fashioned it into a shape, and became a being known as Entala. He then made a woman, named Iess. He continued this and began making thousands of people out of his shadows. He created the six Chariomonos, Shadowrealms. He named them the Androla, the God Land, Castonos, the Underworld, Ferrotin, the Human Land, Dakaros, the Chaos Realm, Kateria, the Animal Realm and Conora, the Land of Time. Before Charos could finish his creations, his unmaken shadows escaped to Castonos. They became the Nitrasis, the Misshapen. The leader of the Nitrasis, Corantoros, discovered a way to create a Chariomonos, and called it the Nitramonos, the land of the Misshapen. Charos then made 6 monsters, the Uzebrus for the Underworld, the Skyralk for the God Land, the Humanbane, the Chasoas for the Chaos Realm, the Animytera for the Animal Realm and the Timewraith for the Land of Time. However, the Nitrasis stole the Humanbane to guard their realm, leaving the human realm undefended.

Creation of the Sun, Moon and Stars Make Myths

After the creation, Muneye, Godess of the Moon and Sundai, God of the Sun created the Sun and Moon. At first, they were both bringers of day but the Nitrasis, Zalikel made it bring darkness. Entala made it a cycle so the Sun made light during the day and the moon during the night. However, Muneye was sad and her tears became the stars.