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Rembisk God of Balance

Gender: Male
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Creator: Inferno999

Bils is the Clasul of balance in Rembisk mythology. He has a animal companion called Taklus, who can transform into any animal.

MythsMake Myths

Birth/CreationMake Myths

Bils was born out of nothingness, just like his brother and sister.

Creation of RembisMake Myths

After Bils was born, he, his sister and his brother decided to create Rembis. Bils created Luc, where the humans and other creatures dwelled. His creation was then improved by Riva, who added animals to his realm.

TriviaMake Myths

  • In some versions of Rembisk mythology, Bils is the god of life and Riva is the goddess of birth.
  • Bils seems to be the most powerful of the Clasul, as he also made Poirus, the Tariat and the Telos.
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