Also known as Camus
Rembisk God of Crossroads

Mythology: Rembis
Gender: Male
God of: Camat
Good/Evil Rating: Neutral
Pronunciation: KAH-MOSS
Alternate Names: Camus
Creator: Inferno999

Camos (literally "Door") is the Rembisk god of crossroads and master of Camat, the Crossroads.

MythsMake Myths

Birth/CreationMake Myths

His beginning is told in different ways. One version told that he was a Clasul, but was overshadowed by his siblings. He decided to make the Camat, where people could pass from one realm into another. Another version told that the three Clasul worked together to make the Camat, and then made Camos to guard it.

Opening of the HumansMake Myths

When the Camat was first made, Camos would not allow any humans to enter, and guarded the Luc's entrance with the Camesa, a large snake-like creature who would eat humans who ventured near the cave. When the Bamys Lebeno heard of it, he put the Camesa to sleep and entered the Camat. Camos was shocked, but before Lebeno was sent out, he said that humans had just as much right as the Clasul, Etila and even the Warra. Camos was forced to obey. The Camat became a place where humans be together with gods.

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