Also known as Cotus
Rembisk God of Sin

Mythology: Rembis
Gender: Male
God of: Sin and the Salos
Good/Evil Rating: Evil
Pronunciation: CO-TOSS
Alternate Names: Cotus
Creator: Inferno999

Cotos is the Rembisk god of sin and master of the Salos.

MythsMake Myths

Birth/CreationMake Myths

It is believed that Cotos was created purely from the earth and fire of the Warr.

Creation of the WarrabamysMake Myths

When he appeared to Rasos and Alys, they sent him to the Salos and he took over, enslaving the terrible souls. During a visit to the Talkat, he was in awe of the Camarint, and decided to make something similar. Terrible souls would now be made gods by Cotos, instead of slaving away.