Creation of Cancal (also known by the traditional name, "Tycoris") is the story of creation in Cancalian mythology.

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After Landor and Nycantha rose up from the shell of Crolan, they roamed Crolan's shell alone until, finally, they had a set of children. First, there was Ostrol, who ruled over law and justice. Then, Maronde was born, and she created the arts of weaving, writing, and more. Then, finally, Caras, who watched over the dead. Anyway, while they grew, they thought that Crolan's shell was bland, and decided to decorate it. Each of the three children wished for different ways to run the world. Their father, Landor, suggested a competition. There would be three challenges, and whoever one the most would win the chance to create the world. To begin the first challenge, Landor fashioned a fist of hardened clay (an Arnasc), and told his children that whoever could create the largest dent in the shell of Crolan would win the first challenge. Caras begin, and slammed the ground. The floor started to crack, and a chasm opened up. Then, Maronde began, and hit the ground again. Four cracks went in different directions, and widened. Finally, Ostrol used the Arnasc, and when he hit the ground, the floor around him rose, creating the first mountains. Landor appointed Ostrol the winner, and began the second challenge. The goal of this was to make the best creature to inhabit Crolan's shell. He gave them lumps of clay to create it. Caras created a bulbous ball of fur, which later became the bear, and was not victorious. Ostrol, eager to win, built a tall towering tree out of his clay. Maronde fashioned a humanoid figure, who was able to speak and move and touch. Landor, impressed by his daughter's work, granted her the second triumph. Finally, Landor asked them to craft the most useful possession for Maronde's new creation. Maronde created water, which she filled the gaps she made in the first challenge with. Ostrol created a sharp piece of flint, which he called the Trocas, and gave it to the humans. Caras, knowing that his loss was inevitable if he lost this, resorted to desperate measures. Stealing one of the first Trocas and turning Maronde's water into lava, he created fire, and Landor granted him the final victory. The three realised they had come to a tie, and asked their father what they should do to decide the true victor. Landor showed them what they had done in the challenges, and that they had already created the world.