Atronagen God of Evil Make Myths

God of Atrona
Mythology: Atronagen
Gender: Male
God of: the Afterlife and Evil Desires
Good/Evil Rating: Evil
Pronunciation: Duh-Ko-Luh
Alternate Names: The Dark King
Creator: SmokaMocha

Dekola keeps an eye on the hole of souls, making sure none climb out and disrupt the balance of Atrona, this was part of the Contract that Dekola was tricked to sign, the unbreakable Contract which ensigned him an eternity of servitude to the underworld.

Myths Make Myths

The Contract Make Myths

Dekola used to be part of the Shadalian gods, intended to be the Shadalian God of The Moon, told he was born to rest in the sky and watch over all mankind, Dekola grew on the moon, viewing Shadal from a distance, he found the job boring, having to repaint the sky a new shade every night, having to rest in a crescent with nobody to talk to, with each day he got more and more angry, his intentions became clear, take over Shadal, and change everything.

Dekola marched to the leader of all the gods, Naxil, and told him that he wanted to rule the land with him, make some changes, and make the world a better place, Naxil was suspicious, he knew that Dekola had gone mad recently, and he had to do something, or else Dekola would keep bugging him about, so Naxil formed a contract, he states to Dekola it will make him the ruler of Shadal and its nature, completely changing his powers, Dekola signed the contract without a second thought, but Naxil lied about what the contract stated, the contract actually said, "You must work eternal servitude in the underworld of Atrona, you may never travel to Shadal, and you must keep a watchful eye on the well of souls as you're new job as God of The Afterlife" infuriated, Dekola attempted to travel to the bottom of the well of souls to reach the only portal in Atrona, which lead to Shadal, but he couldn't no matter how much he tried, the moaning souls always pushed him back up, this was Dekola's fate now, this was his duty, this was his life.

Abilities Make Myths

  • Constellation Transmogrification - Able to send a soul out of the soul well and into ascension, and become a star
  • Demon Manipulation - Can command demons to his bidding