Smoakith God of Discovery

The God Of Illuminating Discovery
Mythology: Smoakith
Gender: Female
God of: Discovery
Good/Evil Rating: Neutral
Pronunciation: Dron-Elf-Eea
Alternate Names: Nomad, Wanderer, Star
Creator: SmokaMocha

Dronelphia is a traveling goddess who takes it upon herself to document everything she sees in her journal, The Order.

Myths Make Myths

Creation/Birth Make Myths

When the universe himself, Koe, created all of the universe, he knew he had no way how to see the influence of his all mighty creations, so, from the largest star in the galaxy, Koe created a goddess who could travel through dimensions named Dronelphia. Koe gave her the task of documenting the entire universe and gave Dronelphia a journal, The Order. The Order has infinite pages, and The Orders pages cannot be torn, nor altered by mortal beings, and if anyone tries, The Order will burn them in a fiery blaze.

Upon giving her the task, Koe sent her to the most populated universe to start her documenting, Smoak. from there, Dronelphia grew, she became part of the lands she explored, made friends, shared bonds, and solved some of life's greatest mysteries, her never ending journey, is her reason to exist.

Influence Make Myths

Those who believe in Dronelphia are constantly trying to match her sense of adventure, most of her believers are nomads, like her, trying to live life to its fullest, and match her sense of discovery.

Abilities Make Myths

  • Dimensional Travel - Can travel to any dimension, and any world, at any time
  • Eidetic Memory - Can remember everything she sees and replay memories in her head
  • Shapeshifting - Depending on the life forms of the world she goes to, she can instantly transform into those lifeforms to blend in with that world
  • Omnilingualism - Can instantly learn any language, just by hearing the name of the language