Welcome to Guide of the Gods II. Today we'll be learning about the wonders of myths. Myths were created to explain the paradox of life, to make sense of the things that didn't. Of course, some mythologies went kind of far, but feel free to do that too!

Basic IdeasMake Myths

Each myths have some common things. Why is their day and night? Why do the seasons change? Why does it rain? Then, of course, there's the creation myth. Anyway, the myths can go any way you want, and the only limit is the imagination. Oceanic people thought the world was in an oyster until a spider opened it. Weird, right?

GodsMake Myths

Just figure out the main gods involved in your myth. If you're making a day/night myth, maybe make a god of darkness/light, or the sun/moon. Or, you could make it so no gods take part at all. Maybe it's a monster, like Amboros, for example.