Malidus is the god of magic in the realm of Altias. Not only is he the most notable god there is (being on of the most known 10), but he is actually the king of all gods in Altias.

Mythology: Altias
Gender: Male
God of: Magic
Good/Evil Rating: Good
Pronunciation: MAL-EE-DUS
Alternate Names: Malidus (English)
Malediction (Latin
Creator: Blindsighter101

Latin Meaning Make Myths

Many believe that "Malidus" was actually derived from the Latin word "magicae", meaning magic. However, after learning the Latin name, people realized that the name was actually derived from the Latin word "maledictionem", meaning curse.

Because most people think of curses as a bad thing, there was controversy over Malidus being a good or bad god. However, they realized the truth that Malidus cursed Pyto, the god of death, back to the Underworld. Now, most people believe that he is a good god.