Rapton is a God of Tyako.

Divine God of the earth
Mythology: Tyako
Gender: Male
God of: the earth
Good/Evil Rating: Good
Pronunciation: Ra-p-ti-on
Alternate Names: Raripi
Creator: The battle dragon trainer

Origin Make Myths

Long, Long ago, when the Land of Tyako was ruled by creatures known as the forgotten, a storm struck and the 3 gods were created, Kyan, Rapton and Aya. They ruled the Forgotten for Millenia until the humans, or Liun attacked. They decimated the Forgotten and started the Golden Age of the Liun. The gods were enraged and destroyed the Liun. The three Liun heroes were struck down, but their bodies were fused with those of the gods and the present day Kyan, Rapton and Aya were formed. The Forgotten then reinhabited Tyako.