Gender: Female
God of:
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Creator: Inferno999

Riva is the Clasul of life in Rembisk mythology.

MythsMake Myths

Birth/CreationMake Myths

Riva was born out of nothingness, just like her two brothers.

Creation of RembisMake Myths

After Riva was born, she and her brothers decided to create Rembis. Riva created Rintas, home of the Etila. She then dotted Bils' creation, the Luc, with animals, humans, and finally Sallem and Eola.

AbilitiesMake Myths

  • Creation - As Riva is one of the Clasul, she has the ability to create anything at will.
  • Life Inducement - Being the goddess of life, she can bring life to dead mortals and animals.
  • Optical Scrying - Riva can see through the eyes of all living things.
  • Nature Lordship - Riva has full control of all natural things in the Luc and Rintas.
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