The Skandosian Pantheon are the "gods" of Hydreios, truly warring alien cultures who influence the events on Hydreios and it's residents, the Vyterians and the Drakoneans.

Deities Make Myths

Skandosians Make Myths

  • Aeen, God Of The Earth
  • Jaarron, God Of The Sea
  • Kyrgin, God Of The Sky
  • Wiona, Goddess Of The Night
  • Saailoji, Goddess Of The Day
  • Oner, Goddess Of The Eclipse
  • Nyko, God Of Death
  • Persi, God Of Tides
  • Jasen, God Of Lightning
  • Ani, Goddess Of Knowledge
  • Hayz, Goddess Of Metals
  • Rayni, Goddess Of Warfare
  • Lik, God Of Light
  • Keria, Goddess Of Darkness
  • Dormium, Goddess Of Fire
  • Nyl, God Of Water

Zyar Make Myths

  • Pryk, God Of Sin
  • Jas, God Of Greed
  • Ytr, God Of Anger
  • Iin, Goddess Of Lust
  • Qae, Goddess Of Pain
  • Uuw, The Devourer
  • Angon, Goddess Of Hate
  • Na'Shiron, God Of Power
  • Eella, Goddess Of The Depths