Smoak is a world created by SmokaMocha.

Smoak, The Realm Of Koe Make Myths

When all was nothing, when the first galaxy formed, it manifested itself into a being of ultimate power, Koe, and once more universes were created, the more and more Koe grew, and once all galaxies were formed, he knew he could use his powers to create more, thus billions of more galaxies were birthed by Koe's hand, and thus, he named the universe, Smoak.

World Gods Make Myths

Shadalian Gods Make Myths

Shadal is the world where all is scattered, wars break out between factions, beasts rule the outsiding lands, and technology is primitive, and the gods are disguised as mortals, keeping hidden identities, and only using their powers when absolutely necessary

Atronagen Gods Make Myths

Atrona is a world where all bad souls get sucked into the hole of suffering, a swirling vortex of moans and spiritual energy, those who look at it for too long might become insane, the gods in question here, are gods who take it upon themselves to respect the spirits, and determine the mortal fates.

Folian Gods Make Myths

Folias is a world where all life was birthed in the new generation, they had extremely advanced technology within the first 1000 years, flying cities, steam engines, automobiles, artificial intelligence, and much more was already there, but many asked the, and that question remained unanswered for many years. But the answer lied within the hearts of the 5 cities.

Titans Make Myths

Shadalian Titans Make Myths

Shadal's titans appeared in a time where the world wasn't prospering, and they made every mortal's life a living hell, without knowledge of prospering mortality, and they abused all powers they had.

Rogue Gods Make Myths

Godly Artifacts Make Myths

The Order

Beasts Make Myths

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