Soaura is the goddess of sound or music, She is a minor goddess whom of which was born from a siren and Apollo. She had a beautiful face, and an even more astonishing sweet voice. She grew up playing by her fathers throne, and sang to everyone who would hear her. Her songs were legend to be able to make you dance uncontrollably or do things you would never do, she never met her mother. Her mother died in the process of birth, and Soaura lived longingly wishing she could speak with her, many people were drawn to her and she was very precious to Apollo. She is said to be able to lift the mood in your heart with just a simple hum, or banish the evil within. She lives all around you and draws strength from happiness, She is rumored to have such a lovely song that she could even revive the dead. Her only adversary was her nemesis Aphrodite. Aphrodite noticed that Soaura was stealing her place as a beautiful deity, so she challenged Soaura. The test was that whomever could get the most birds to be drawn to them, would be championed the most beautiful, naturally the judge was the mighty Zeus himself so there was no discrimination. And no advantages, so they began to draw in flocks of birds. Soaura sang, enchanting even the Gods themselves, and Aphrodite used a charm that sent waves of attractive scents throughout the land, so much that the Gods became drowsy with affection. Soaura had no birds come to her while Aphrodite had huge flocks draw to her, when Zeus almost crowned Aphrodite when instantly a huge screech echoed through out the valley. Millions of birds came dashing towards the beautiful Soaura, this made Aphrodite enraged and Aphrodite almost blasted Soaura saying what a wretched abomination she was. But Zeus would not tolerate this, he ended her uprising and declared Soaura the winner. To this day Aphrodite plots revenge due to the hate she bears toward a Goddess she considers a waste of space.