Also known as Wariot
Rembisk God of the Sun

Mythology: Rembis
Gender: Male
God of: the Sun
Good/Evil Rating: Good
Pronunciation: WAH-REE-YUT
Alternate Names: Wariot
Creator: Inferno999

Wariut is the god of the sun and guardian of Rintas in Rembisk mythology.

MythsMake Myths

Birth/CreationMake Myths


Guardian of RintasMake Myths

As a full-grown deity, he was chosen by Sallem, king of the gods, and god of the earth, to be the guardian of Rintas. He was given the Sun Staff, Tor, and made the god of the sun. When Wariut was chosen, day was brought to the land of Rembis. But the Warra, the Hellgods, were envious that the gods had day and they didn't. So they kidnapped Wariut, and suddenly night fell on Rembis. The Warra enjoyed Wariut's light, but the gods wanted Wariut back. Sallem spoke to Rasos, leader of the Warra, ordering them to let Wariut back to Rintas. Rasos made a compromise. They said the Warra could have Wariut half of the day, and the gods could have him the other half. The gods agreed, and took Wariut's brother Tarama to guard Rintas while Wariut was gone.

AbilitiesMake Myths

  • Solar Manipulation - Using his staff, Wariut can control all that happens to the sun.
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