God of Pulsing Envy
Mythology: Atronagen
Gender: Female
God of: Envy
Good/Evil Rating: Evil
Pronunciation: Zo-Toe
Alternate Names: Green Sin
Creator: SmokaMocha

Atronagen God of Envy Make Myths

one of the 7 Deadly Gods, Zoto is a demonic god who feeds off the jealousy of mortals, and even other gods, portraying it within her personality aswell.

Myths Make Myths

Birth/Creation Make Myths

Zoto, along with 7 other gods, were birthed from sinful feelings, be it mortals, or other gods, once all 7 gods were fully grown, they serve the evil god Dekola, being his henchman in an attempt to bring down the gods in the other worlds, such as Shadal, there is not much chance of this happening, however, since there's only one god who can travel between all worlds, that god being Dronelphia, Dekola has tried capturing Dronelphia, but no such luck